About Us

About Trusteco

Trusteco Properties Limited is a forward-looking eco friendly company based at Kejabil, Takoradi in the Western Region of Ghana. Our business revolves around our passion for producing affordable real estate solutions in the areas of dust-control/soil stabilization, affordable housing and organic food. We are an equal opportunity company and we adhere to both national and international best practices.

Our Vision

To become the eco-development company of choice in Anglophone West Africa, by leading the way in the production and maintenance of clean-dust free communities, provision of affordable low-cost but high quality housing and supported by sustainable supply of high quality organic food. Our objective is to achieve our vision in a manner that provides sustainable livelihoods in the communities where we operate whiles promoting bio-diversity.

We truly believe that by harnessing scientific cutting- edge knowledge with nature’s opportunities to produce solutions to address developmental problems whiles preserving the natural environment, The Future is Green!